Thursday, 27 November 2014

Accused acquitted in leopard skin seizure case

Trial court in Delhi had acquitted two persons from Himachal Pradesh whom were caught with a leopard skin by police in July 2010. A complaint on this regard was filed by the wildlife department of Delhi in court. Some of the court observations when acquitting the accused are:

The investigation of the case is not upto the mark. It is pertinent to mention here that  complainant was one of the experienced Wildlife Inspector and had appeared before the court in number of cases and as such better investigation/act is aspected on his part. The complaint appears to have been filed in a mechanical manner and without perusing the records. Had he visited the spot on the date of incident, he must have mentioned the correct facts in his complaint and  he ought to have   done   further   investigation or to   record   the   disclosure   statements   of accused himself as the disclosure statement recorded by a Wild Life Officer is admissible in evidence. Had done so, the fate of the case would have been different. 

It creates doubt over the prosecution story as well as two views and chances of false implication of the accused can not be ruled out. 

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