Thursday, 4 June 2015

Person caught with 1001 mongoose hair brushes convicted

A trial court in Delhi has convicted a person who was arrested by wildlife officials with 1001 paint brushes made from the hairs of grey mongoose (Herpestes edwardsii) in July 2009.

Court held that the prosecution has proved its   case   beyond   reasonable   doubt   against   the   accused   that  he   was apprehended with the 1001 brushes derived from Mongoose hairs without any licence or authority. The species of Mongoose are specified in Schedule­II of Wild Life (Protection) Act and trade/business in the said 'animal articles' are banned under the Act w.e.f. 30.09.02. Accordingly, accused is held guilty and is convicted for the offence u/s 49 & 49(B)(1) of the Act, punishable u/s 51 of the Act. 

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